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The Center for Puppetry Arts is a unique cultural treasure - a magical place where children and adults are educated, enlightened and entertained. Since 1978, the Center has introduced millions of visitors to the wonder and art of puppetry and has touched the lives of many through enchanting performances, curriculum-based workshops and the hands-on Museum, as well as Distance Learning and Outreach Programs. Two performance series host a variety of shows geared towards educating as well as entertaining audiences. Patrons of all ages will enjoy the productions in the Family Series. Most productions meet Georgia Performance Standards, and Study Guides for each Family Series show are available for download. Looking for an alternative activity for date night? More mature audiences will appreciate the artistry and humor of the Teen & Adult Series, which includes the popular Xperimental Puppetry Theater. There's something for everyone! Get up close and personal with puppets in the Center's Museum, which houses a collection of puppets, books, posters and videos from around the world. Take a tour through Puppets: The Power of Wonder and discover how puppetry has influenced religion, people and politics through the ages. Special Exhibits focus on a particular theme or style of puppetry. Tours also meet Georgia QCC standards. After the tour, take home a token of the experience by purchasing a puppet in the Museum Store. Education is a key element at the Center. Discover your puppet passion by learning a lot from a dummy-or puppet. Members of the community are invited to participate in Adult Education classes, Distance Learning, Create-A-Puppet Workshops, lectures and more. The Center is the largest non-profit organization in the U.S. dedicated to puppetry. In addition to a dedicated staff and Board, it is supported by its Members and generous contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations and government agencies. The Center is a member of Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts and serves as headquarters of UNIMA-USA, the American branch of the international puppetry organization Union International de la Marionnette, the oldest theater organization in the world. The Center is also a member of Theatre Communications Group.
Welcome to our library of classes below! The Wellness Universe is a community of professional health and wellness practitioners, teachers, guides, and healers who make the world a better place through their expertise in health, wellness, wellbeing, self-care, and transformational coaching, content, and events. Wellness for All programming is created in partnership with our members. All Wellness for All programs are free to enroll and supported via your donation. Scroll our library below. Find wellness practitioners and professionals in our vetted community, online classes, courses, programs, events, our blog, and books on We have resources to serve you individually as well as content to support your wellness journey. Our best-selling books: The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care include; 25 Tools for Stress-Relief, 25 Tools for Happiness, 25 Tools to Achieve Anything, 25 Tools for Goddesses. We produce live in-person retreats and serve organizations, groups and corporations with wellness and well-being programs with exceptional value and experiences that create success for all stakeholders. Visit us today and connect with a wellness coach, read articles, and more - Apply today if you are a Practitioner of Wellness - Learn about or Group and Corporate Wellness - We look forward to support you to live a happy, healthy, and healed life.
Janette Stuart: Best Selling Author, Certified Angel Card Reader, Blogger, Military Mom, and Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles with Janette Stuart, will assist you to own and embrace your Divine Beauty and live a life of love, joy, and peace. Gentleness and Joy are her Superpowers.
Shari Alyse is the host of the TV talk show Good Morning Joy, dynamic media personality and consultant, 2x TEDx & Keynote Speaker, and #1 bestselling author who is on a mission to spread joy! With over two decades of experience in the entertainment and wellness industries, Shari is a leading voice in the wellness space. Her journey began at a young age when she found the courage to speak out on a witness stand at just 7 years old against her abuser. Using her voice that day showed her the power we all have in speaking our truth. This experience ignited a passion within her to help others find their voice and live their most authentic lives. Today, Shari travels the world speaking on stages and sharing her message of joy, self-love, empowerment, and transformation. Shari is a 2x TEDx speaker, captivating audiences with her inspiring talks on the power of self-connection, joy and personal transformation. She is the author of international bestselling book "Love Yourself Happy," an inspiring memoir + practical guide to finding joy and fulfillment in life. Known as America's Joy Magnet, Shari has a natural ability to uplift and inspire others. She has a passion for helping people find their inner joy and live their best lives. As a former co-founder of The Wellness Universe, Shari has been instrumental in building a thriving online community of wellness professionals and seekers. Shari's diverse background in acting and comedy has given her a unique perspective on life, and she infuses her work in organizations with humor and playfulness. Shari helps organizations build more positive, connected and joyful teams. She is passionate about sharing her vision of Joyful Leadership and how this will completely change the way leaders show up for their teams, communities and families. Shari has produced and hosted multiple online TV and radio shows, which has featured world-renowned guests such as Neale Donald Walsh, Dr. Joe Vitale, SARK and other well-known thought leaders! Shari takes her love for TV and her own experience of getting into the media and helps small business owners, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs get more visibility by helping them get booked on TV media. She consults 1:1 with her clients teaching them everything from how to write a pitch to on-camera interview tips and techniques. Additionally, Shari is currently working on an unscripted TV show that is set to bring joy to homes and hearts across America. With her infectious personality and ability to connect with viewers and audiences instantly, Shari is set to ignite joy and positivity across the nation. Set up a 15 minute free media discovery call here:
-Archetype Consultant and Expressive Arts Facilitator -Author of No Ordinary Woman: Tips for Conscious, Creative, and Healthy Living -Founder of Global Network of Expressive Arts Facilitators -Mama -Abstract Artist -current favorite color is vermillion orange but eggplant purple is a strong second -Taurus
Beth is an energy medicine practitioner, intuitive, bodyworker, Soul Realignment practitioner, artist, psychosynthesist, RN, HeartMath practitioner, 20+ years meditator, yogini, and nature lover. She assists others in their self care, providing support and means to recenter, recharge, find inner stillness, greater clarity, soul nourishment, and feel more assured, healthy, and connected to their unique soul essence and gifts. Her mission is to help bring to the world a greater sense of center, calm, clarity, inner peace, authenticity, heart, and wholeness. For over 20 years, Beth has assisted others through her creativity and sessions. Sessions are available by phone and email, or in person in Santa Fe, NM. Beth is the author of the PrayerCards oracle deck, creator of Art Rituals, Guided Journeys, and intuitive painting commissions for people all over the globe.
Sifu / Instructor Wallace has been training in Reality Based Martial Arts for over 18 years and continues to train and learn to adapt and evolve with new styles, and new scenarios and situations. The Self-Defense training taught is reality based to help students learn an array of techniques and skills to defend themselves on the street. From open Hand Combatives to Weapons use and defense we continue to provide a well rounded Self-Defense Program.